TACC Hardcap in Progress

100,000+ members and growing...

Round #1 purchase price $3.50. Coin current value $16.

We accept

50 Millions

Total Supply of Token

No Limit

Min Purchase Cap


Know Your Customer (KYC)


New Token Emissions (Fixed Supply)

1 M

Max Purchase Cap



Browse Utility Benefits of TACC Tokens

The TACC coins could be used in the future for various services such as to pay utility bills, cross border remittances, peer to peer transactions and buy private sectors products from on-boarded merchant network on this platform. The aim of Abundance IEO is to establish an alternate financial system to strengthen the economy, boost the financial inclusion and eliminate existing issues. It is aimed to bring efficiency, ease of transaction and security in the system by a team of proven enthusiasts. These tokens will offer the entire benefits of digital currencies.

Identity Verification
Investor Dashboard with automated KYC / AML regulations to combat income fraud and IEO scams.
Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet
Android, iOS and Web wallet (HD Cryptocurrency Wallet) that automatically generates tree-like structure of private/public keys.

Trading TACC

  • Listing on exchanges worldwide shall increase the exposure of TACC, offering a visible market trading, creating large notoriety among users. 
  • TACC will aim to provide sustainable growth and transparent market trading.

Low risk

  • Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the financial sector. 
  • As an investor, you will have constant access to your investment through our online dashboard.

24/7*365 Liquidity

  • TACC will apply for listing on the worldwide exchanges for easy token trading 24/7.
  • Our experienced team and exchange partners will handle and safeguard the trading markets for TACC token.


  • No hidden charges and seamless registration process.
  • We provide you the easy tools to monitor your investment through our robust platform.


The Benefits of Token Holders

TACC token will apply for listing to top exchange platforms where it could be exchanged for other crypto coins or tokens.
We aim to create a 100% safe environment, by using state-of-the-art technology.
TACC will improve and enhance the way we as a society transact, based on the Blockchain, utilising Smart Contracts.
Fast and reliable
Buy TACC coins in minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to strong API-applications and a fully automated system.
TACC tokens aim to replace the current payment methods that charge very high rates, like credit cards.
Web wallet
Our own Web Wallet for you to store your private and public keys that can be used for buying or selling your TACC coins.

How to register as a new member?

How to edit your profile?

How to Change your password from old account to new Account?

How to claim your TACC from Old Account?

How to purchase TACC??

How To Complete KYC On TACC Exchange

How To Locate Your Coins In The TACC Exchange

Latest Blogs

School Mass Adoption completed

@ ADEFUNMI School Ibadan Oyo State. Adoption of over 50 Students. 23/11/2021 @ TOBKLEM College, Ibadan Oyo State. Adoption of over 300 Students. 24/11/2021 @ SHALOM School, Ibadan Oyo State….

Nigeria Is Emerging as a True Bitcoin Nation

“Africa will define the future (especially the Bitcoin one)”, tweeted Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and payment provider Square, at the conclusion of a whirlwind tour of the…

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Facts and Figures For You

Pre-Sale starts
March 20, 2020
IEO listing
Exchange launch November 1st 2023.
Tokens exchange rate
1 USD = 1 TAC
Main-Sale starts
September 15, 2020
Number of tokens for sale
50,000,000 TAC
Accepted currencies

TACC Hardcap in Progress

100,000+ members and growing...

Round #1 purchase price $3.50. Coin current value $16.

We accept

Token Structure

TACC Distribution

Total token supply is 50,000,000 TACC coins. During private sale (pre-IEO phase), we will release 19,500,000 TACC tokens – first round at a 75% discount; second round at 50% discount and the third round at 25% discount for early adopters and visionaries. The remaining issued tokens will be divided by brand ambassadors (1%), operations (2%), marketing (3%), charity (2%), advisors (1%), partners (1%) and reserve funds (51%).


Upon completion of 7 rounds of presales to achieve TACC hard-cap:

– 5% deposited at the point of the initial distribution in Tacians wallets

– Balance of 95% freeze for 6 months

– The 95% will be distribution (evenly) over a 18 months period.

– New accounts created after the launch will not be subject to the above (ALL) coins purchased will be available

Management takes the Mission and Vision of TACC to be a sacred one. A mission “to become the alternate financial solution. A Vision to address inequality and to create economic channels from Africa to the Diaspora. Many Earlier Adaptors of bitcoin didn’t imagine what that coin would be today as a result we had numerous investors dumped and sold their coins for peanuts

– equally many lost their passwords due to not being properly informed about cryptocurrency. TACC Coin Policy is to solve or prevent the above mentioned and to use the distribution period to educate Tacians – especially against dumping of the coins that could seriously affect market stability of the coin.



We have big plans and everything is well thought out. Take a look at the bird’s eye view of our Abundance IEO’s goals and deliverables.

Presale November 4th 2019 – March 2020
November 4th
TACC IEO Round 1: March 30th – June 14th 2020
March 30th
TACC IEO Round 2: June 14th – Sept 15th 2020
June 14th
TACC IEO Round 3: Sept 15th – June 1st 2021
Sept 15th
Product Discussion & scope of work – Product Development Begins
Feb. 15th
Exchange concepts changed from Binance features to Sport features.
July 15th
Abundance Diaspora City Concepts was introduced
September 23rd
New Blockchain concepts introduced (Proof of Authority)
Feb. 15th
Mobile Wallet Android & IOS Testing
May 25th
Blockchain complete
June 30th
Exchange Development.
July 15th
First attempt for the Hard-Cap. Once successful – Exchange is scheduled to launch 2024 (if not refer to our Policy Statement)
July - December 2023


Our Motivated Team

Our  board advisors from lead companies all over the world from economists and  to developers.

Steve Wiliams – A.K.A Mr. Abundance

Founder & CEO

A supreme passion for tourism management, hospitality savvy, capacity building, and entrepreneurship that has inspired him to be the founder of several small businesses.  Eight (8) years as an executive in the Network Marketing Industry. He is a successful hotel executive and guesthouse owner who helps leaders expand their bottom line through innovation and repositioning. Steve also served as Executive Administrative Assistant in the ministry of Agriculture, lands & Fisheries.

Mr. Metoh Keston Ngangpanwe

Financial Analyst
A cryptocurrency enthusiast with a passion for corporate and Public Financial Management, Mr. Ngangpangwe worked as an Accountant, and as a Finance Assistant for SHUMAS Cameroon, a Development NGO. He currently lectures in Economics, Finance & Accounting at Pan African Institute for Development West Africa.

Mr. Orytom Aondo

Global Youth Ambassador
Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy as well as a Diploma in Computer Applications, Gabriel is a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency specialist.


Africa Continental Youth Ambassador
An Electronics Technician having many years of experience in maintenance & repairs of electronics. He is passionate about Blockchain Technology & Crypto Currency.

Miss Testimony Moraanugba Adaramola

Youth Brand Ambassador
Currently Attends Federal Government Staff School Sokoto State. Currently in Basic 5 with an Excellent and Outstanding performance year in year out. Awarded Literacy Skills and Diction awards in previous years.

Blessing Aliu J.

Director of Training
A resourceful, prolific and proficient inspirational writer.
He is a holder of B.A. Ed., MTh., MSc in HRM (In view). He has successfully authored several books. His burning passion for his love for humanity and helping the less privileged stimulated him to be the founder of God’s Appointed Hope For The Less Privileged Initiative, a non-profit foundation.

Mr. Francis Taylor

Director of Marketing & Business Development
With over 20 years of International Sales & Marketing experience under his belt, Mr. Taylor originally trained in the field of Clinical Psychology and holds a Master’s Degree in this field.

Cheray Gilkes

Director of Beauty Pageant and Makeup Artistry
Cheray Gilkes has a unique talent for enhancing the natural beauty and radiance of every woman while always treating them with the utmost care and respect.
With over five years in the beauty industry, having worked behind the scenes of fashion shows for both photo shoots and beauty pageants, Cheray has perfected the art of enhancing the beauty of every woman. As the Artistic Director of TACC, she is looking forward to working on her first TACC Beauty Pageant commencing in Africa. It is Cheray’s job to turn runway beauty into achievable, everyday glamou Cheray’s chair armed with self-confidence as well as all the tips to recreate their own personalized looks..


Director of Social Services, Philanthropy & Women Affairs

Princess Dr. Moradeun Ogunlana is a visionary, entrepreneur, consultant, and humanitarian. As a recognized leader on women empowerment for Africa in the United States and around the world,  the Princess is the Chair/CEO of The Global Summit Group Inc, and CEO of Innovative Global Consulting (IGC) Group of Companies, As the Founder/CEO of African Women’s Health Project International (AWHPI), she leads an international non-profit group that focuses on empowering women globally thru access to healthcare, economic empowerment, agriculture and trade associations, cultural developments, and partnerships.

Dr. David Newton ( MBA, MSN, MBBS, MD, PhD)

Director of Health & Corporate Planning
David is a dynamic inspirational speaker and trained medical doctor with a passion for biomedical research. Vice President of Greenville Medical Center LLC, former President of Centennial Health Professionals and Vice President of Hope Citadel, David has worked with George Einstein Medical Institute where he researches innovative avenues to treating infectious diseases. He is the recipient of the United States Presidential Achievement Award for Outstanding Community Service, from President Barack Obama.

Nekeebah James

Caribbean Youth Ambassador
A holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health. I have always been sadden by the state in which members in our society are forced to live in due to a major pandemic called poverty. Therefore, as I advanced in age my passion about bettering the lives of others, especially those individuals that are being overlooked by the society, grew stronger and stronger. TACC is the only community that has provided the possibility of an antidote to this poison! An antidote of opportunities for those families that have been struggling for generations.

Dr. Isaac Newton ( BA, MDiv, MA, Ed.D)

Corporate Director of Strategic Partnership, Corporate Investment, Branding & Diplomatic Affairs 
Dr. Newton focuses on managing change, innovative leadership solutions and transformational living. Graduate of Harvard, Columbia and Princeton. Advices high profile leaders on achieving  success by balancing mission, vision, life and spiritual goals.

Hon (Chief) Chris Okonkwo

TACC Ambassador at Large
Equally Coordinator for South East Nigeria.
The winner for TACC global theme for 2021 ( DREAM AND BECOME)
Chief Okonkwo is the Chairman/ CEO  Melcon Link nig Ltd ( an Oil marketing company). He is also the Managing Director for Silicon Valley hotel Resort, Enugu Nigeria.
Hon (Chief) Chris  Okonkwo is the Special Assistant to the Governor of Anambra State Nigeria on Oil and Gas, and also  the Chairman Anambra State Petroleum committee on Procurement, Pricing, Regulation and Distribution of Petroleum Products.

Marina P. Golden

Director of Research & Technology
Educator for over 20 years. Passionate about teaching, helping others and promoting understanding.

Samuel Adjekum

Director for Global Unification, Ancestral Traditions & Pan-African Affairs.

Social Worker. Community Development Worker. Founder of the Croydon Food Bank (UK). Founder of the Ubuntu Festival. Raising Universal Consciousness.

Christelle Wilson

Attorney at Law
TACC Caribbean & Latin America Ambassador
Holding a B.A. Degree in English Arts, an LLB Degree in Law and a holder of a LEC certificate from the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica.
Called to the Bar in Belize and in Antigua and Barbuda.
Practicing Law for over 11 years.
Justice of the Peace in Belize.

Dr. Susan Tatah

TACC Intercontinental Ambassador

A holder of a MBA and a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy and Humanities. Dr. Tatah during her studies realizes the case studies on Africa were characterized by the what she termed in 4 sectors – Catastrophes, Wars, Poverty and Diseases, a cultural shock as growing.

In 2007, she immediately initiated and founded her first culture oriented organization of Cameroonians residing in Germany. Same year she founded and initiated the first International Africa Festival Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Southern Region of Germany. This edition brought 10.000 visitors and more than 50 Traders with cultural goods and services.

Abot Daniel Mbu

TACC Artist & Global Brand Ambassador
Better known as Niel a.k.a “Son of abundance” is an afro artist and multi instrumentalist that originates from Cameroon but grew and rose to fame from Nigeria..Niel is known particularly around Africa for his outstanding melodies and unique vocals..Niel however earned the name “son of abundance” after doing a theme song for the “Abundance Community Coin”,a cryptocurrency that is unique and position to address inequality..

Juliet James-Lionel

European Ambassador

An energetic, confident and highly dynamic, degree qualified housing executive with over 35 years of experience in the housing industry. Excellent strategic management skills and a track record of successfully leading transformational change and performance management. People centred, with a passion to educate and empower others to change and secure their financial future.

Adaramola Oluwatosin Moriike

Director of Schools, Orphanages, International Displaced Children, Youth and Children with disability – Mass-Adoption Program

Studied Accounting at the Ondo State Polytechnic

Formally an Admin Officer at the Human Resources Department, of the University Teaching Hospital Ibadan.

I love to touch the lives of the less privileged children and single mothers and sought to empowered them.

It gives me so much joy being a part of TACC’s vision just like every other opportunity I have worked with in the past. And now through TACC, I have been able to touch many lives and help the needy through TACC School Mass-Adoption policy in Sokoto State, Oyo State, Lagos State and Ogun State etc.

I just love to help the less privileged and make people feel comfortable and happy fulfilling their purpose.

Kelvin Bishop Fallah

TACC Ambassador at Large

Liberian Media Guru, Serial Entrepreneur, Realtor and Philanthropist. After an early career in YouthAadvocacy , Which span twenty four years of active involvement in impacting the Liberian society at home and in diaspora, Kelvin Bishop fallah cemented his name on the grounds of diligence and numerous outstanding accomplishments as he kickstarted Cherish the kids Liberia from 1993-2003.He was country representative, Africa Regional Youth Initiative(ARYI). 2001-2005 Country Coordinator, Child Right Information Network ( CRIN). 2015–2020 Program Director, Volunteers For Change Liberia Inc.. 2021-Present, Founder and Director….Bad Boy To Ministry International.

With an AA Diploma in Social Work. BTH in Theology, from the Liberia Baptist Seminary in the year 2000 and an advance Certificate in Drug counseling from Norway.

Abraham Kofi Tamakloe

ECOWAS Youth Ambassador
An exceptional leader in Ghana executing the position of Youth Ambassador. A professional in network marketing for over nine years. Equally effecting my career in the field of teaching.


Our Country Managers/ Regional Executive Directors

Nozipho Qwabe


Regional Executive Director
Southern Africa
+27 81 752 9269

Princess Diana McDonald


Regional Executive Director
+1268 725 5029

First Lady Trudy Griffith


Assistant European Executive Director
United Kingdom

Pastor Godwin sylvester


Regional Executive Director

West Africa


Blessing Godwin


Deputy Regional Executive Director
West Africa
+234 703 962 9203

Mr. Michael Gayle A.K.A Prosperous Prince

European Executive Director
United Kingdom

Mr. Metoh Keston Ngangpanwe


Regional Executive Director
Central Africa
+237 70077368

Rev.Oyuki Joseph Othieno


Regional Executive Director

East Africa

+256 776 965028

Mr. Caxton Luvaso


National Executive Coordinator


 +254 721 27 5091

Daniel T. Siaffa


National Executive Coordinator


0770355684/ 0880434434

Mr.  Dominique Erro Kerr


Assistant National Executive Coordinator

 Trinidad & Tobago

 +1 868 793 5164

Pastor Owori Suwa


National Executive Coordinator


 +256 790 92 4778

Paul Akpan Udofia


National Executive Coordinator


+234 803 588 6403

Mrs. Hayung Vanny


National Executive Coordinator

 South Korea

 +82 1042 67 4991



National Executive Coordinator


+236 722 04572

Ms. Cynthia Brown


Assistant National Executive Coordinator

 The Bahamas


Mpamyabigwi Key-Young


National Executive Coordinator


 +250 784715934

Mr Kaburungu Felix


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+257 61 08 7120



Assistant Executive coordinator

Joel Carr


National Executive Coordinator

 Antigua and Barbuda

+1268 785 2515

Soyok Michael Ngirwi


National executive coordinator


+32 465 71 05 33

Mamontoedi Reginah Mosala


National Executive Coordinator


+27 79 359 7071

Seyni Dieng


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+221 769 051 012 / +221 780 178 407

Samson Lukar


National Executive Coordinator
Papua New Guinea
+675 723 61 406

Dr. Bouyou Jean Marie


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+241 02 09 2008

Mr. Ngoua Mpango Anicet Stephane


National Executive Coordinator


+241 66 14 0164

Mr. Francis Taylor


National Executive Coordinator
The Bahamas
+242 456 1947

Mr Julius Dwonayan Pastor


National Executive Coordinator

Burkina Faso

+231 880 052 552

Mr Sogodogo Issiaka


Assistance National Executive Coordinator
+223 70 13 34 73

Madam NTBANYURA Buhoro Kalimba Maria Helena


National Executive Coordinator

DRC Republic

+250 780 692 769

Ahedor kossi Dagbeneva


Executive Director of French Countries
+234 706 442 8221

Tiny Bridget Khofu


Assistant National Executive Coordinator
South Africa
+27 76 322 5031

Raepa Lovare


Assistant National Executive Coordinator

Papua New Guinea

+675 708 22 000

Mara Josiah


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+1 201 898 1657

Gad Atsu Barasu


National Executive Coordinator

South Africa

+27 78 475 2770

Mr. Kebbah Ebrahim S. Kinteh


National Executive Coordinator
+44 7367 131151

Jackie Reid

National Executive Coordinator


AHEDOR Kodzo Dzifa appelé Frédi


National Executive Coordinator


+228 90 19 80 16

Attorney Christelle Wilson


National Executive Coordinator
+1 (268) 788-8807

Ms. Diaminatou Coumaré


National Executive Coordinator
+223 89 16 66 85

Tresia Nghipondoka


National Executive Coordinator


+264 81 280 1461

Ajibola Ogunnusi


National Executive Coordinator

Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

+32 491 25 40 10

Engr. Olusola Sobodu


National Executive Coordinator


+1 (647) 705 2657

Mr Jimplore W Juldas


Assist. National Executive Coordinator

Burkina Faso

+226 699 89867

Collet Angela Jupiter – Colbourne


Assistance National Executive Coordinator

Antigua and Barbuda

+ (268) 736 7429

Ambassador George A. S Wilson Jrn.


National Executive Coordinator

Sierra Leone

+232 77 383894

Francis Yao Lumortsey


National Executive Coordinator


+233 24 220 5626

Pastor Adesola Fatima Sobodu


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+1 (647) 785 2657

Dr. Adaramola Boaz Boluwaji

Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+234 706 950 3117

Foncham Raquel


National Executive Coordinator



Mr Adelino Paulo


National Executive Coordinator


+264 81 409 6602

Marie-Antoinette Cheryl St. Juste


National Executive Coordinator

United States of America

+1 713-530-5283

Pastor Kenneth Ugoh


Assistant National Executive Coordinator

Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands

+32 493 46 92 85

Nichole Mchardy


National Executive Coordinator


+1 (441) 518-9026

Hudu Hamed Fodio


National Executive Coordinator


+34 641 19 04 26

Mr Viera Ferreira Nzambi


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+244 933 673 060

Pastor Ramiro Afonso Sonato Mateus


National Executive Coordinator

 Sao Tome and Principe

+239 997 8998

Cynderella Helen Handwatch (Cindy)


National Executive Coordinator

New Zealand

+64 210 800 7910

Christabel Takow-Eta Enow


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+32 466 47 63 03

Natasha Clery


Snr. National Executive Director


+1 (514) 781-8022

Makabelo Maria Mphosi


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+266 585 22777

Mr Kagwa OFC Dzonzi


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+265 881 09 77 28

Mr Thebeyame Tsumake


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+267 72 940 405



National Executive Coordinator


+597 894-0202



Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+233 242634831

Rev. Odongo Bosco


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+256 0777806806

Laureen Peltier


National Executive Coordinator

The Commonwealth of Dominica

+1 (767) 295-3170

Michael McLean


National Executive Coordinator

St. Vincent

+1 784 493 3341

Mr Wilson Zulu


National Executive Coordinator


+260 96 199 8950

Ravinder Kumar


National Executive Coordinator


+91 98738 58133

Lindon Arleigh Brathwaite


National Executive Coordinator



Pastor Sylvester Forze


National Executive Coordinator


+237 6 53 70 35 59

Munezero Fulgence


National Executive Coordinator


+257 794 88186

Bikorimana Innocent


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+257 710 43243



Assistant National Executive Coordinator

Côte d’Ivoire

+225 070 785 1406


Mr Mihla Gumbi


National Executive Coordinator


+27 62 702 8295


Ms Winile Sibisi


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+268 7904 1115

Mr Denis Majaya


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+263 77 440 0456

Mr. Cyriacus Obinna Silas


Assistant National Executive Coordinator


+258 86 401 9795

Julia Blake


National Executive Coordinator

 St. Kitts & Nevis

Pastor Josiah T. Parkular


Assist. National Executive Coordinator


+231880904360 / +231777528456

Céu Silvestre Schwarz


National Executive Coordinator


+351 918 304 145

Venance Emanuel Medoti


National Executive Coordinator



Famara Toure


National Executive Coordinator


+221 771 473 951

Dr. Delia Samuel


National Executive Coordinator

St. Lucia

+1 (612) 888 2658

Ronald Brent Dyette


National Executive Coordinator

Trinidad and Tobago

+1 (868) 318 7471

Ainsley Brown


National Executive Coordinator


+1 (845) 849 6047

Roxana F Griffith


National Executive Coordinator


+1 832-297-4454

Daniel Onuh E


National Executive Coordinator

Ivory Coast


Annalisa Gillespie


Assistant National Executive Coordinator





Winner of TACC Theme 2021

Hon ( Chief ) Chris Okonkwo

TACC Ambassador at Large

Winner of TACC Theme 2022

Dr. Adaramola Boaz Boluwaj

Dr. Boaz is a Medical Radiographer by profession, currently Managing a Private Medical Diagnostics here in Sokoto. Practicing now for eight years while working with a team of experienced medical professionals at the Radiology Department.

Notorious Bandits, Rogues & Thieves Section:



Kitengela 000190 Nairobi Kenya


Usernames in TACC

alexmuthoka20, hackers001

(You will be exposed until REPAYMENT is done)

Mentors and Friends

Our Advisors

We have a strong team of advisors who are skilled and experienced in Blockchain technology and IEO. Our legal advisors continuously provide us guidance as well as moral support to walk ahead.

Prof. Prince Godwin Isong

The CEO of Princestandford Global Management Consultancy is qualified in Public Administration & Human Resource Management, Personnel Management Administration and International Relations, as well as Organizational Behavior and Business Law.

Mr. Aloysius Goodman

Technical Advisor
A Graduate in Mechanical Engineering & Electronics, Mr. Goodman studied Radio & Television at University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica. Having worked as Assistant Director at HTS Television St. Lucia and managed DBS Television also St. Lucia, he now operates S & P Services Inc., in the USVI.

Dr. King Idris Yakubu

He is an apostle with the heart of a prophet, anointed to carry the message of liberation to all nations – bringing deliverance, healing and restoration. He is the president and Senior Pastor of the King Idris Yakubu International Ministries and Liberation Christian Pentecostal Assembly incorporated in ogoja, Cross River State-Nigeria. He is also the international President of the Pace Settlers Ministries International Network – a member of the Adversary Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria and also the Public Relations Officer of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Ogoja respectively.

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TACC token can be purchased using ETH, BTC or USDT only. Regardless of which currency is used, each Token Sale participant must have an Ethereum wallet that is compatible with the ERC-20 protocol, which will be used to deposit the TACC token.

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